I want to continue working to achieve that.

But if to accomplish the same task by a party of 85 heart rate, that margin is reduced considerably. A low frequency, therefore, may represent a cardiovascular benefit in the rendering of a sportsman. tachycardia – When it comes to tachycardia? We define tachycardia, increased heart rate above 100 beats per minute.

I climb on the bike and pedal boats under stress: what happens? Salt frequency, increases the contractility of the cardiac muscle. Physical exertion requires more blood, which is pumped from the heart. To ensure the required device from the muscles, the heart has to pump more blood, and then increase the frequency of its beats. limit – There is a limit in this mechanism?

Yes, and also because of age: a young man can get to 180-190. But as the age increases, the more the maximum frequency is reduced. The theoretical formula to know your maximum heart rate is given by subtraction: The age-220. overspeed – What is meant by saying that a cyclist go “fuorisoglia”, or “over-revving”?

That goes in oxygen debt, in other words more than the aerobic threshold, which is the ability to consume a certain amount of oxygen in a given unit of time. The volume of blood ejected by the heart per unit of time is usually of 4-5 liters per minute. During physical effort this value is multiplied by 4-5 times: need oxygenated blood to the muscles.

When a rider goes “overspeed” it is because the blood is no longer able to adequately riossigenarsi (exchange that occurs at the pulmonary level) muscles receive less oxygen and then go into acidosis: lactic acid is formed. form – By the frequency I can understand the state of form of a cyclist? If the baseline heart rate is low, I can understand that is well trained: the trained subjects are typically bradycardia.

But even if you can not reach easily the ceiling rate, it means that there is a good heart and lung balance, just the subjects in good shape. changing ceiling – the maximum frequency you can change? Yes, within a certain margin: there are appropriate training techniques to accomplish this. Same climb, two cyclists proceed at the same speed in one flank to the other. uphill – The first has a frequency of 140, the second 180: Who has benefited?

The first, because if you want to make a click and go on to win, has still room to do it. cardio – It is important to have a heart rate monitor when you get out on the bike? It is recommended, so you can see how often you’re reaching and learn to know you.

In the interests of self-knowledge and of its limitations, it is also possible via a cardio-pulmonary test to identify their “aerobic threshold”, that frequency value that can not be overcome for a long time because then cedes. over 200 – When the heart rate monitor numbers I have to worry? If the displayed number is in addition to 200, that is, if it far exceeds the ceiling rate, the alarm goes off.

If suddenly, for example, ranging from 150 to 220 is very likely that we are in the presence of an arrhythmia. irregular and sudden changes, perhaps combined with a feeling faint or imbalance, should alarm us. Mattia Bazzoni  @ ilbazzo

May 21, 2018 – Milan Katie Ledecky, 21, 5 and a silver Olympic gold medals, 14 world championships and a silver and 14 world records. AFP The summer of American swimming has just begun but there is already the stamp of Katie Ledecky, 21 year old American, penta-Olympic which has lost only once in his career between Games and World Championships: in Budapest in 2017 in the 200 freestyle by Federica Pellegrini.

At pro debut in the Series in Indianapolis, the US boasting 14 world championship titles and as many world records, says: “I could not be happier, and the hard work is paying differently for summer. I by ‘great confidence so it’s a great spot this week. ” A week began with a world record in 1500 shattered and now brought to 15’20 “48; continued with the second world performance ever in the 400 sl 3’57 “94 (the primacy of course his is 3’56” 46), and again with 1’55 “42 in the 200 sl (Fourth World seasonal performance) after the third place in the grueling 400 medley concluded in third place in 4’38 “88 and concluded on Saturday with the third performance history in the 800 freestyle in 8’07” 27 (his record of 8’04 “79 when the 2016 Olympic she swam well 8’06 “68).

For that after Rio had changed coach and life, moving from Washington at Stanford University, 2018 could not start better: to American summer championships and Panpacifici of August when born US national for the World Cup 2019 in South Korea, the Ledecký resumes strength scene, in the manner of a female Phelps. OBJECTIVES – The voracity freestyle – since I turned in the 800 in London in 2012, it remains unsatisfied and still without limits between broken and domain walls (it boasts the top 10 performances in the 400, the first eight in 1500 and the first 17 in the 800) : since then, 1,500 have become Olympic sport, the Ledecký makes plans to be super crop, precisely in the manner of Phelps in Beijing 2008. on paper, four individual golds can mortgage them, in addition to the three relays (the medal applies only participation in batteries), and any assumptions the 400 medley.

A Monster program, however, considered that it is middle-distance races. Note that Caeleb Dressel won 7 gold medals at the World Cup 2017. And the distance compared even with the new Martian male motivates – and the ability to sign up now contracted millionaires – more than ever Ledecký Wonderland.

That has all fatal encounter random girlish with Phelps: “I will become a swimmer.” Indeed the biggest stileberista history. Stefano Arcobelli

March 3, 2019 – Milano “This victory certainly gives me a lot of confidence. If I am worth a top 10? Maybe. I have the game to stay at those levels but what I do off the court is not top 10.

Players like Sascha, Novak, Rafa, do the right things every day. Not me. For example, I went to water ski at 17.30 and the final was the 21; I do not think a player at the top would do this kind of thing.

I have to improve myself a lot in this. I have to be more disciplined, more professional. I want to continue working to achieve that. ” Benedict nick kyrgios … The bad guys go to heaven. Like the bad boy Australian, who after an incredible week in Acapulco, where he beat comeback number 2 Nadal making him rage, bent in the final even number 3 ranking Sascha Zverev winning the title on Mexican cement and its important 500 points.

For the Australian is the first success after 14 months of fasting (the last title dates back to Brisbane in 2018), and comes after a slew of injuries and motivation collapses. Kyrgios won 6-3 6-4 against German number three in the world that is also hailed for how this success has come: “Nick’ve beaten three top 10 this week, I can only applaud.

Yours is a well-deserved victory. ” Thanks to this success Kyrgios, dropped to number 72 in the rankings, gaining 39 positions and from tomorrow will be number 33 in the world. At the end of the match, the Australian has used the rather unusual moderation words to him, and also revealed the story of water skiing, however, that it portrays the personality .: ATP Acapulco, Kyrgios: “The win over Nadal? A ‘boost of confidence … and that atmosphere! ” IN SAO PAULO – Christian Garin and Guido Pella 18.30 contend the title on clay in Sao Paulo (Bra, 550,145 dollars). The 22 year old Santiago, number 92 in the world rankings, reached her first final in a career in higher circuit setting 6-4 6-4 Next Gen Norwegian Ruud Casper, 20 years old Oslo, number 108 ATP, while the Argentine , number 48 Atp and second seeded, has stopped for 7-6 (10) 7-6 (1) the stroke of Serbia Laslo Djere, number 37 ATP, best ranking after the first center in the circuit last Sunday in Rio de Janeiro . Gasport

February 8, 2019 – VEROLI (Fr) The exultation of Sora players for the victory over Siena sora-Siena 3-2 (21-25, 28-26, 23-25, 25-21, 15-10) – Follows Service the clash salvation between Sora and Siena, recovery of the third day of return keeps all its promises on the eve of creating a balanced and intense match, which ended after nearly two and a half hour battle with Sora that imposes 1xbet live casino the tie-break and puts another punticino between itself and the salvation. Siena has fought with great pride taking ahead twice, however, gaining a point that allows it not to eliminate hopes to fight to the end to stay in Super League The first set saw undergone Emmas Villas very concentrated that takes the lead race on the 6-7 no longer leave.

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